Company Overview

Starpoint Energy, LLC is a Texas based, independent energy company specializing in oil and natural gas exploration and production. The company’s primary focus is the acquisition and development of proven producing properties in Texas and Oklahoma.

Starpoint Energy targets mature properties divested by large oil and gas firms and otherwise orphaned properties that become available. These properties have a proven record of hydrocarbon reserves but no longer hold the attention of the larger firms.

Starpoint Energy’s acquisition strategy is to locate and acquire undervalued or non-publicized properties with solid production histories. Sophisticated technologies are used to accurately assess the production potential in a prospective field to determine its commercial viability prior to acquisition. Once acquired, Starpoint Energy enhances the production and economics of the properties through work-overs, re-completions, infill drilling, offset drilling and optimization of secondary and tertiary recovery operations.

Starpoint Energy believes this effective approach results in the improvement of overall production and profitability of a selected property, thereby maximizing the value for partners while reducing the risks.


Company Mission

Starpoint Energy’s mission is to operate a successful energy exploration and production company by creating value for its partners, being recognized as an industry leader and being known for its inspired thinking and proven performance.


Core Values and Guiding Principles

Commitment to Excellence – We are committed to excel in all our business endeavors and hold ourselves to the highest professional standards.

Bound by Honesty and Integrity – Honesty and integrity are our most important values and we consider them the cornerstones of our business. This guides our decision making process and establishes trust in our business relationships.

Passionate to Deliver Results – We are passionate in our efforts to find new and better innovative ways to achieve results. At the end of the day it all comes down to creating and delivering value.

Driven to Create Positive Returns – We are driven to grow and protect the value we create for our partners. We embrace the fact that our primary purpose for being in business is to bring a positive return to our partners.

Dedication to Safety – The protection and safety of our people, property and equipment will not be compromised. We are dedicated to ensure that all safety measures are in place and enforced on every project.

Value and Respect Individuals – We value and respect our people, our partners and our service providers as unique and individual. They are counted amongst our greatest assets.

Responsible Stewards of the Environment – Our business is derived from the natural resources within the environment. We approach our role as stewards of the environment as passionately as we treat our business.

Minimize and Manage Risk – Significant factors ensuring profitability are to minimize and manage risk throughout the duration of our projects. We employ risk diversification strategies and conduct extensive acquisition reviews and production analyses to mitigate risk.

Citizens of the Community – We are proactive partners in the communities in which we operate. We are committed to giving back to the communities. That helps build a better future for us all.